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We like where you’re going with this! You can reach out to our Sales team by filling out the Carry Our Beer form.

Distribution & Sales

We are currently distributed to the greater Charlotte Metro area with some South Carolina distribution on the horizon! You can also find us in random spots throughout the state by some friends who just love our beer as much as we do. Even if you’re outside our normal area, please fill out the Carry Our Beer form to let us know you’d like to see us in your area!

Distribution & Sales

Absolutely you can! You can order for pickup through our Toast Online Ordering portal or for delivery through Door Dash!

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We’re all about supporting great causes through our community! We have a few causes that we support regularly throughout the year, but you can fill out our online Donation Request form at any time and we’ll see what we can do!

Ain’t no party like a Protagonist Party! Check out our Private Events page for our different options- we also have custom catering menus for our events!

Private Parties

You can reach out to us via our General Contact form if you’re interested in playing a Friday night at Protagonist. We also do occasional one off events, so we keep a running list of people we’d like to jam with!


Ummm, a resounding yes! Kegs are available for purchase at our LoSo location- talk to our staff there for current inventory and pricing.

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Our LoSo location has an amazing Pizza Kitchen with lots of option to choose from! Our NoDa location does not, but feel free to stop by any number of rad places in the area and bring the food with you.

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While we don’t have any dedicated gluten-free beers, Dolly has been tested to under 10ppm residiual gluten, so if you have an intolerance it’s your safest option. We occasionally do the same process to reduce gluten in other one-off beers, so check with your bartender! (and if you’re truly allergic, we shouldn’t have to tell you, but don’t even think about it).


Both LoSo and NoDa have coolers that are stocked up with deliciousness. Just please don’t be the person that buys beer to go then drinks it on our patio- you will be kicked out (and might have a hefty legal bill to pay for us if you’re caught).


While disappointing for us, luckily for you we have a full bar, cider, kombucha, soft drinks, mocktails, and more! Just check out the menu for your options.

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Our kitchen closes one hour before the taproom closes, so don’t show up 5 minutes before closing and demand food. We love our employees, do please don’t be that person.


We have lots of covered outside seating available, with heaters when it’s cold! Due to health department regulations, only service animals are permitted inside of our locations. Also, we can tell when you just slap a service animal vest on your dog. It’s pretty obvious. Don’t do that.

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Yes- always! Many of us have youngins we’re trying to raise right, so of course they’re going to be hanging out with us. Just make sure they’re not getting into trouble/mellowing everyone’s vibe.

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Please visit the LOSO or NODA taproom pages for an up-to-date menu of whichever location you’re planning on visiting.

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Just keep scrolling… Just keep scrolling… (seriously. they’re at the bottom of this page).

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Holiday Hours will be posted on our social media once we’ve made a decision.


Check out our Events page for all the happenings around the brewery! You can also check all forms of social media to see what special things might be going on as they’re announced.

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We do! Lucky enough for you we have plenty of crushable beer options that should make drinking while working doable (at least for a little bit).

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Most likely, absolutely! You might need to bring out the fisticuffs for control of the TV with your neighbor, but there’s plenty of TVs to share. Game audio is typically only on for watch parties or special events.

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Yup! E-Gift cards can be found here and you can buy physical gift cards in person at LoSo!

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The original NoDa location opened May 9th, 2019, with our LoSo location opening up November 16th, 2020 (we know- what a great time to open a new spot!). So even we’re a little hazy on our “anniversary”.

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While it would be cool to be a mind reader, it would also probably be pretty problematic. Maybe you could just fill out our General Contact form instead?

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