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Protagonist Beer Calendar for 2023!


Protagonist is excited to release our first ever Beer Calendar this year!

This calendar by no means has all of our releases for the year on it, but as we’ve planned out what our 2023 looks like, these are the major releases that we’ve already decided on for the year.

First off, we’re taking a step into a dedicated lager program, which in our own opinion is one of the things we’re best at in the city (region? state? coast? You be the judge…).

We’re also introducing our new Honey Hazy Pale Ale, Gwen, as a year round core (thanks to a lot of love for it throughout the city), along with bringing on Hank full-time as the light lager you’ll want for all your cookout, sports, and lake days, and at a price point that gives your favorite macro a run for it’s money.

We’re going to have a year round Freshie IPA series program that’s for our brewers to explore hazy and clear IPAs throughout the year with fresh and new ingredients they’re excited to play with, along with our session sour series that you all have shown a lot of love for this year!

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Which beers are you most excited for this year?